WTM 2016 London

It's widely known that tourism as an industry horizontally integrates many other industries, in order to provide the customer with an ultimate experience, worthy of his precious time off work. 

As a company which provides solutions for the digital transformation of business, we spent most of the time in the Travel Tech Theatre, following lectures and events and at the surrounding stands, talking with existing and new partners.  

The presentation entitled "How data can drive traveler centric experiences", presented by the company "Ve Interactive" caught our attention, given that smart data analysis has been increasingly used in recent years. The agency invited the industry’s players to answer the last call for using smart data analysis.  

It was particularly interesting to see their view of the expectations of customers in the tourism industry depending on their type (business, family, luxury, budget) as seen on the slide below: 



Thus it is implied that most of our seasonally oriented tourist facilities and their organizations should focus on packages, special offers, as they mainly aim at families and guests looking for the best price.  

The acquired knowledge and information will be shared internally within the company and soon with our clients, and thus enhance common knowledge.  

We look forward to our next visit to WTM 2017 in London, as always – in early November. 


Written by Goran Mrvos

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