Work@Home now!

Hippocrates said,
"Desperate times call for desperate measures."
But for us, working from home is in our DNA!

Due to the rise of the 'Covid-19' and its pandemic status, our community responsibility is to act. We have rolled out a mandatory work-from-home policy from Monday 16th 2020, in all our offices, until the further notice.

 Work from home

Our intention is to look for the ones we care, in the working place, our business partners and clients, as well for our beloved ones at home.
We are hoping these precaution measures would help us gain precious time and reduce the number of infections through fewer interactions possible.

Our tech support, as well as the meetings with clients and associates, are going to be held through remote tools we already use on a daily basis for our in-house communication; such as Microsoft Teams Platform, along with all types of messages and of course a good old phone call.
We will ensure these circumstances won't change the quality and dynamics of ongoing projects and work.

Stay with us here or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, we'll keep you posted about the upcoming news, and don't forget to clean your smartphone and keyboard as well!