What is it like to work for an IT company?

If your motto is "nothing is impossible ", you could be on a path to a great career in ICT, says Jelena, as we chat about what it is like to work for an IT company. Infosit is one of those tech businesses that's been around for a while, growing over the years and gathering talented individuals around its vision. They appreciate work-life balance, with people and culture high on their list of priorities.

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Whether it's marketing, development, sales, or operations, a job in IT will push you to develop flexibility and teamwork.

And some business acumen, too.

It is a fast-growing and exciting industry, with an international outlook and opportunities opening up to those willing to take them. Personal motivation is important for you to succeed in any of the positions in IT. So is the passion for technology and continuous learning.

Silos are bad; sharing is the way to go

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If there is something that IT companies don't like - it is silos. They almost always strive for transparency. Whether they achieve it or not is a different matter, but IT people will likely tell you that silos are not good.

Sharing information, knowledge, skills - you name it - is vital for individuals and organizations' success. You will be encouraged to broaden your interests, connect with other teams and learn about the company. On that note, it is not unusual for employees of IT companies to gather in plenary meetings and town halls. These are not strict reporting sessions. Rather, they are used for sharing and celebrating success, giving and getting credit, broadening the understanding of what others do and how it impacts the company performance.

At Infosit, it is not uncommon to celebrate project success with cakes, drinks at the pub, or a nice dinner.

Flexibility and motivation will take you far

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IT companies have a reputation for greater flexibility and mobility when it comes to the people they hire. Rumour has it that they are faster to recognize talent and let it make an impact. Jelena shares the story of her own journey, which in some industries would have been unusual. Not in IT, though, and certainly not at Infosit.

-I saw the job ad; Infosit was looking for customer support. I applied and went to the interview. Among other things, they asked me to write about my perspective on the future of mobile applications, with emphasis on the ethical dimension. I can't say I wasn't surprised with what happened next – they offered me a different position, one they believed was more suitable for my skills and preferences. I accepted it. Infosit recognized some characteristics of mine, which I was not aware of.

It turned out that my ability to adapt to new requirements quickly and my readiness to learn were keys to getting the job offer.

A culture of feedback

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It is reasonable to expect opportunities to learn, discover and pursue your interests. These are all ways of advancing your career. Many IT companies will offer you options for conferencing and online courses, as well as their book libraries. It almost goes without saying.

However, there is an additional aspect to learning, valued very high at Infosit, and that is open and constructive feedback. They have invested time and effort in developing a culture of feedback on multiple levels, which is key to personal and professional growth. The Infosit crew has grown strong through learning how to give and receive constructive, structured feedback. In fact, they are often the advocates of such a culture in their professional interactions.

Find your leadership role model

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Modern tech companies are often started and grown by self-made individuals – visionaries and leaders with outstanding capabilities. Working around such people can be inspiring and satisfying and push you further in your own personal development. In addition, great IT leaders have a prosperous business and life experience, and an ability to develop productive working relationships with their teams.

This aspect of the IT industry has grown in importance in recent years. IT leaders and founders sought mentors and even gurus who can help unlock and develop the full potential of people seeking to advance their careers.

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