TTE 2017 London

TTE is hosted at Olympia London. This year was its 15th edition with two days peer to peer networking, social events and appointments between attendees, industry experts and suppliers from across Europe. It was very useful to see our colleagues and partners, and to hear and share ideas and innovations in that area. 

Particularly interesting was presentation of WiFi challenge in hotels, due to increased need for WiFi as more and more devices that can connect to it. At presentation they explained that already there are a lot of hotel guests that have at least three devices that connects to WiFi (smartphones, notebooks, smartwatches). They all connect to WiFi and use network for teleconference and video calls, upload photos and other personal items, downloading items from Internet, communicate with services through Internet, and lots of other work that must be executed. So that increasing need for Internet via WiFi represent a challenge that needs to be resolved. Guests expectations have changed drastically so the company must think carefully how to manage with infrastructure.  



At TTE there were a lot of diffirent type of IT companies like companies that are specialized for booking, reservation system, infrastructure, CRM, content management and provisioning, SEO, Data management, translation softwares company and others. Goran Mrvoš, Infosit managing director, described to which type of company can InfoSIT be counted. "Our focus is on content – from content management solutions, SEO aware content creation, to content marketing and personalisation through connection with CRM. Also, InfoSIT is already been recognised in online payment systems implementations and booking systems, where we connect booking system with payment providers. And of course, multiplatform mobile developement. Thanks to our design & development teams we are up to challenge"  

In the end, we want to say we are very pleased to get the affirmation that solutions and projects we conduct are up to date with current expectations in industry. 


Written by Simeon Kordić


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