KulenDays 2018 – Infosit's point of view

31.08. - 02.09.2018.

Slavonia's no.1 IT Conference was on our road map yet again. Topics around which the lectures were formed, were divided so that each of us found something of high interest, and tracks were based on popular IT groups: Developers, Database guys, ITPros, Web developers and Project managers. All sessions were chosen to meet this year hot themes, just like the organizer promised.


Mirta Stefanac was attending Progressive Web Applications, a lecture by Nenad Andraković, were he shared a concept of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), technologies used in their design, and the mental switch that should be clicked to successfully work on PWA projects.

Sebastian Sinožić and David Kreso listened to Luka Gospodnetić, and his lecture about Blockchain technology, how it works, how its applied, what are its weaknesses and benefits to the Enterprise apply, and how Microsoft is planning to jump on this train by developing a Coco Framework that should facilitate and accelerate Blockchain technology adaptation in Enterprise environments.

Sandi Milohanic highlights Ivan Curić and Dobriša Adamec lecture about WebAssembly, where they talked about W3C, an open standard supported by all the leading "browsers" that carry the environment to run binary code.
Marko Plovanic was checking out lectures linked to design, with his reflections to design importance in web development.

Nikola Radic listened to „Why test code“, a lecture by Vekoslav Stefanovski, and „Manage projects using Microsoft Office 365 Teams & Planners“ by Tomislav Bronzin, Gabrijela Vratarić.

Marko Glavas was gathering info and colleagues' experiences about Project Management, and was happy to report that Infosit as a team rocks this department.

We enjoy Kulendayz chill and easy-going atmosphere, so Pampas location was a great choice for lectures and relaxed networking and catch up with our colleagues. 

After the conference we explored baroque city of Osijek, its surroundings and landmarks, we went to Đakovo an visit Đakovo's Cathedral, a neoromanic masterpiece. Brod Fortress in the City of Slavonski Brod is another sight we marked as checked!

The overall conclusion of our visit to Kulendayz 2018 was a confirmation that we are already working with right technologies. Most of technologies that were present at the lectures, were considered as new by majority of other participants, while we already use them in our projects and daily operations.

All in all, it was a memorable and useful, business & pleasure kind of event.

See you again next year!

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