Infosit Business Strategy on Mind Maps

Our teams gathers hand-picked professionals, people of many different talents, hobbies and mindsets which is one of the greatest asset of our company. Thought out our colorful differences we are a true team, as we're all looking at the same direction, in terms of business. Most importantly, we share the same ethical values as well. With that thought in mind, a while ago, we started making a new and improved company strategy, that would truly reflect what we stand for, what drives us, and where do we want to be in a near future.

We used mind maps with “Poter’s 5 forces”, SWAT and “A4 Strategy” methodologies as it is a great for clear strategic planning, which enabled us to conduct all kinds of analyses and evaluations. What is great about mind map strategies, is they can involve all team members and everyone was able to contribute. It is also simple to use and it allows fast understanding, without the need to read 100+ pages of written material, which reduces the chance that every person involved in a company will read and understand it.

Strategy allowed us to develop an articulated understanding of our path, for all of our worldwide locations, and hierarchy levels. It helps us in clearer comprehending of our capabilities and strengths, but also to identify, address and mitigate risks. It helped us better design our goals, so we can stay focus on the right things that are most likely to deliver best performance, productivity and success both now and in the future.


As a result, this is the statement that reflect all components of Infosit Company Strategy:

“Infosit is a happy organization, aligned with satisfied customers, working on state-of-the-art, interesting, high-end quality projects and products”.

We kind of struggled with the word happy, as it might sound a bit... well... unexpected in standard business terminology, but we decided to stick with it. The word itself is a synergy with everything we do, and to why we do it. Specified success as we saw it, was articulated after identification of our strategic intentions: Strengths, Values, Mission and Vision.

Strengths – our competitive advantages

  • We excel planning, implementing and product launches on all levels; fulfillment of requirements, risk management and project communication
  • We share our knowledge unconditionally, clearly giving out our point of view
  • We are attentive listeners, who break down organization problems, in order to find optimal solution
  • We nurture long-term relationships with clients, but also with certified partners and subcontractors
  • We learn constantly in order to evolve as people, as organization and together with our clients, as an industry
  • We are global players, allowing our clients access to excellent resources and scalability

Values - what do we at Infosit believe in

  • Lifelong learning
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Significance of quality communication and discussion
  • Responsible work organization
  • Significance of long-term relationships
  • We believe in remote work
  • Self-organization of people and teams
  • Living life to its fullest potential

Mission statement

  • Work on interesting projects that contribute development of people and organizations
  • Ensure work-life balance and development of individuals and organizations

Vision statement

To be, and to keep on being a team of experts, living locally and working globally, on a quest to captivate the world with digitalization.

And these are Infosit’s guidelines, in a nutshell. 

After identifying strategic intentions, we were able to articulate “Success as we saw it”, as a mind phrase or an idea. Of course, for an idea to be successful, we needed to quantify our SMART goals, and showed the effect of sub strategies (like HR or marketing strategy) on each of them. In the end, we identified activities and projects and their effect on realization of sub strategies.

Very soon after strategy implementation, we saw benefits in terms of 

  • our worldwide team’s synergy
  • clearer communication with clients in initial conversations - for all hierarchy levels
  • and keeping pace with our quantitative SMART goals.

Feel free to check out our strategy themes, showned on the sketch.

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