Fusio is recognized as a region's leader in the field of designing, equipping and manufacturing catering equipment. Their clients are the largest and most luxurious tourist companies like Radisson Blu Sun Gardens, Falkensteiner Resource Punta Skala, Maistra, Valamar, Istraturist, Plava Laguna and many others. Besides top quality, Fusio as a brand stands for a feeling of style, luxury and elegance in its field.

Fusio has recently become a proud owner of a new, attractive and functional web site, whose production and design process were assigned to Infosit. In its requirements, the project had specific challenges that needed to be addressed to meet all investors’ expectations, keeping in mind brand values, high level of quality and functionality.

Challenges that the Infosit team was supposed to solve was finding functionality, but through aesthetics, which was very important to the investor, since it is an essential part of the Fusio brand itself. The client wanted an intro page that would be effective and memorable, enriched with animation and video.

After entering the site, the user will notice elegant design and aesthetics complementary to intro video and Fusio brand in general.

Aesthetics was important, but on the other hand, this website was supposed to hold serious amount of information, without compromising style. So, it was necessary to present Fusio's designing and project services, as well as a huge product and catalog information that Fusio has to offer.

Design services are presented as a one pager with text and graphics, while the products are deployed into the basic functional units that are later subdivided into a wide variety of elements within several levels. For this reason, it was extremely important that the layout, menu organization and position were designed in such a way that page navigation is simple and logical, without taking up too much space, despite its complexity. Most importantly, it should allow the user to return to the previous element and easily navigate between groups.

So, the team has considered different solutions of design and architecture for Fusio's site, that would meet all the previously mentioned criteria.

The investor's feedback was excellent, because the Infosit team managed to transfer Fusio's brand values, its style, elegance and luxury look & feel into attractive and easy to use website.

The Investor was also very satisfied with the work organization and time management, as the website was up and running within two months. With a lot of experience in project management, and talented individuals, the team was able to collect all necessary information from the start, which significantly reduced the duration of the project itself and the efforts of the investor and the team.

Feel free to explore the site at www.fusio.hr

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