DevArena 2016

This "professional technology orientation" get my attention since I'm also a technology lover, so I decided to interview my coworker and developer leader Sandi Milohanić to tell me few words about this "Show for developers".  

Hello Sandi, can you tell more about conference?

The conference is oriented for developers and IT professionals who want to hear and see more about new trends and technologies in IT. This year a lot of words were about IoT (Internet of Things) which is growing by every year and more and more devices are becoming part of IoT every day. But the key for good conference are speakers, and DevArena was well prepared with professionals like Saša Cvetojević and others. 

To which type of IT guys is conference aiming?

DevArena is aiming on all those who are IT professionals and are working in software development. It is crucial for the people who work in IT to educate themself regurarly, because technology and trends are constantly advance and develope. And also, it is good to hang out with friends and acquaintances and talk with them about frameworks and technology we are using. 

What interesting things did you see and learn?

This year conference main program were about present and future of IoT. So by everything seen and heard there, IoT is a concept that is just at the begining but it's already have a big potential in our business. Also, the organisers brought Tesla Model X car, which you could try and also looks fabulous. 
Lecture that were particularly interesting to me was about C# 7 by Toni Petrina, because i'm using it daily on work. Toni explained how our code now can be more transparent, short and functional. 

What are current trends in development? 

It's definitely IoT. This includes drones, smart cars and buildings, personal gadgets used for sport and health purpose and lot of other "things". Practically everything that can be connected to Internet.

Can Infosit play IoT game?

We are already playing in IoT game with our QAinfoSIT application. But we are also constantly developing ourselves to provide our partners and clients modern and quality technologies and products. Currently we are working on few exciting projects related to IoT. 

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