Career in Infosit Sebastian’s story

In the third year of college, Sebastian felt discontent with theoretical teachings and went to pursue a practical IT work. He contacted Infosit, and started to work here after the initial interview. Here is what this straightforward guy has to say about his journey in Infosit.

"Practice at colleges exist at some level, but these are only bits and pieces that do not provide good base and will not prepare you for work in a real IT firm. I think it is necessary to accompany a project from start to finish to learn how things really work. In my quest for practical work, luckily, I have found Infosit and I've been working here, along with college for two years now.

I have shown affinity to development, so I have been given a chance by management to evolve in this direction, which meant a lot to me. Today, in order to be a good developer, programming is not enough, and you have to work on a whole range of soft skills. You need to know how to motivate a team and develop managerial skills, which is my goal. Being average is not in my dictionary and I want to evolve according to my potential.


What I find great about Infosit is they really support people in their affinities and ambitions. I expressed my wish to become a developer, and here I am. In Infosit I feel like I'm in a small family, we're all very connected. Every morning I am thrilled to get to work because I'm not number three here, I'm Sebastian and that's what's very important to me. It sucks when you have to go to work with stomach ache and that is something I've never felt here.

My wish is to stay in Croatia and I think that Infosit is the best place for my career growth, because of a work atmosphere, work processes, knowledge sharing and education. People here knows a lot... and they are doing a great job to transfer their knowledge to others.

In addition to transferring knowledge, I must emphasize organization of work that is on a super high level. In Infosit we work by agile principles, mostly using SCRUM methodology which means that we have two-week iterations, and every two weeks we deliver a functional part of digital product to a client. These two weeks are so well organized that every one of us knows what is being done, what needs to be solved and when even if you wake us at two in the morning.

If I have to choose one thing that makes Infosit a great place of work are the people and our atmosphere, which I know from my friends' experience is hard to find in the workplace. If you are not happy and motivated in the morning, you will not do much work. It's a key thing for me. “

We are always welcoming new talents to our team, so if you are looking for your opportunity to express yourself, come on by, and we'll talk about your affinities and goals.

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