A Career in Infosit Filip's point of view

Summer of 2018 in Infosit was enhanced by talented individuals who spent their time working, helping and collecting new knowledge about information technology. We are proud of the fact that a lot of talented young students from IT sector wishes to set a career path in Infosit.

Filip Čendak is a cool and nice guy who studies computer science in city of Rijeka, with a wish to become a developer one day. He spent five months in Infosit, where he was assigned with quality assurance tasks.

Here are his impressions: 
"It's very important that everything that was programmed has been checked to ensure that a program works as intended. You have to be really detailed oriented to do this kind of work. That's something we did not cover at college, but it is an important part of project development, so my experience in Infosit helped me to see how everything I've learned in theory really works.


Here in Infosit, people are the best. Everybody is super nice and relaxed. Of course, we are all working hard, but you don't actually feel that because projects are interesting, people are cool, and often, time passes by super quickly. Everyone is very accountable to the work, with a high sense of understanding what they have to do within the project. There are no stress situations, and relaxation and positive vibration are always present.

The reason we have no pressure is because if we get caught up in the work, there is always someone who will jump in and help us. The team is generally very into helping and sharing knowledge. What I've noticed is that the processes are very well organized at all times, to the smallest detail, we all know what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

I would like to highlight people from my team who helped me a lot and from whom I learned a lot. They are Nikola Radić, Sandi Milohanić, David Krešo  and Sebastian Sinožić. The experience in the Infosit was very useful because I learned to work with new technologies and working methods, I met a lot of people and new contacts.

In addition, Infosit works on world class level, which we all saw at the latest IT conferences we visited. Most of the newly presented technologies have already been used by Infosit in their work processes, which is phenomenal. I’d like to come back here after the college and I believe I'll get that chance.“

Filip is a great asset for Infosit and will work remotely until his graduation.

You to can join our team and create a career success story!

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